Friday, 2 November 2007


Recycle Gap clothes

Although I am disgusted at the fact that yet another high street store has proved the pressure for increasing profits has ensured the wage enslavement of children (The Herald, October 29) I am annoyed that it has proposed destruction of the garments produced.

Rather than wasting these clothes and adding to the carbons in our air through the use of incinerators, would it not be a better idea for Gap to consult with a children's charity and for the clothes to be distributed among those who need them?

We are failing the children of the world by our push for profits and cheap, throwaway goods. All of the legislation in the land will not protect children unless real sanctions are applied to companies that use vendors who are not properly investigated using standard criteria. Scottish hotels and other businesses would not employ foreign nationals without certain checks. Western corporations should not be allowed to exploit the child poverty in developing countries and, if they have been proven to be lax, should have stiff financial penalties imposed.

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