Friday, 22 June 2007

No Sweat past activities

Between 2002 and 2005, NSS organised many protests over Sweatshop labour. There were protests at McDonalds,Gap, Disney on International Women’s day, and Pickets of the Chinese consulate over the jailing of Chinese labour leaders in Liaoyong, representation of Chinese workers at Workers Memorial days, and over 100 people at a public meeting to hear Mexican workers speak about their victory over Nike

NSS also had a speaker from Haiti. All these women trade union activists spoke to large numbers of students at Edinburgh University and helped The People and Planet Society there move from ethical consumerism to having more of a focus on workers rights.

In 2004 NSS was also instrumental in pulling together a coalition to get Multinationals out of the schools. Adidas had been given access to 20 Edinburgh primary Schools to organise “sports training days”. The coalition included the Scottish Parents Teachers Council, SSP, Greens, Edinburgh Trades Council and No Sweat Scotland.We had successful public meetings and organised a successful deputation to Edinburgh Council who agreed to review their guidelines on access to schools.

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