Saturday, 21 July 2007

Solidarity with migrant workers

Solidarity with migrant workers

This branch notes that:

1.Migrant workers in the UK do jobs that are often unpleasant and sometimes tough. But these jobs – from cleaning on the Undergound, to caring for the sick and elderly – are all essential.
2.Some migrant workers are forced into illegal work under ruthless gangmasters and agencies. Even those working legally plugging gaps in agriculture or construction suffer extremely low pay, poor health and safety standards, long hours, excessive workload and bullying.
3.The trade union movement is now beginning to take on the essential task of organising migrant workers, overcoming language barriers, building trust, allaying fears of reprisal from bullying employers, working in areas where there is a complete lack of legal rights. That is why the self-organisation of workers and our solidarity is essential.
4.No Sweat, an activist, campaigning organisation, fighting sweatshop bosses, in solidarity with workers worldwide, has produced a pamphlet making the political case for solidarity with migrant workers, with fact and figures, case studies from the trade union movement and ideas for organising. No Sweat has the backing of PCS, GMB, Unison, CWU, RMT, NUT, NUS and others in the UK.

This branch resolves to buy ____ copies of the new ‘Solidarity with migrant workers pamphlet’ at £1 per copy (discount trade union price, postage free).

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