Wednesday, 2 July 2008

International unions


On Thursday 24th April, Monica, a barista in the central Seville branch of Starbucks, was fired without notice for creating problems with her workmates. She had worked there for a year and a half. She had been active in organising with the CNT and defending her rights. The store manager told her on several occasions that she must have nothing to do with unions. She is a member of the Commerce Union of the CNT, in Spain. The CNT is demanding her reinstatement.

Barely a month later, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Starbucks fired
barista Cole Dorsey on June 6th. Cole had over 2 years of service and
was active in the IWW Starbucks Workers Union. The National Labor Relations Board in the US has already made the firm rehire two sacked workers in 2006, and are looking at Starbucks latest violation.

Please come and join us and show Starbucks bosses will not tolerate their union busting.
This is part of an international day of action.
Bring placards, banners, instruments and your mates.

Solidarity Federation and Industrial Workers of the World

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